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Mina Brooks
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United States
:bulletyellow: I joined dA to learn English, but welcome Japanese comments too! I need little more time to read long English sentences.

:bulletyellow: Main Deviations: Fan Art, Cosplay, Craft of...

- Boktai / Solar Boy Django / Lunar Knights
  ©KONAMI/Hideo Kojima/Makoto Hijioka

- Transformers (Mainly G1, TFP, RB, TFA & IDW)

- Brave (Yuusha) series (Ex, FB, DG, MG, BP, Gold)

:dalogo: MinaBrooks: my another account for original artworks.

:twitter: My Twitter Account (almost stasis).

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Please read my Request/Art-Trade Rules before ask.

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Adobe Flash CS3 Stamp by angelslainWacom User Stamp by Dei-bonI draw what I want stamp by izka197

Django Stamp by EnkizBokStamp by Helena-Of-TroyaSabata Stamp by Enkiz

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Mewtwo Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsGanondorf User by yukidarkfanGanondorf Stamp by Zaira-Karanfil
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I Heart Hearts Stamp by bizarrostampsRobot stamp by PirateQueenErinTribble Stamp by explodingmuffins

First, I have to tell you sorry that I didn't done anything for this year's Valentine's day. Just take my love here: :heart:

I fixed and corrected some of my artworks and its descriptions in my gallery. It's small changes mostly, such as spelling or grammar errors. One of my Boktai fanart 'Solar Boys' is the only one art I added the image. I always wanted to make it like that but I couldn't draw the pile-driver circle. Finally I drew (or traced image, to be exact) it for my Boktai anniversary picture, and I can completed the solar boys drawing, too. Yay :D

Also I finish up and submitted several fanarts that I started before and never finished. I spent more than three years since I got this dA account, and I feel my drawing skill (and English... I hope) gets better than that time. Now I can draw little more things that I couldn't draw before because of lack of my skill. I have to work on those unfinished fanarts before I start to draw something new. I have too many that kind of stuff in my PC.

So please let me promise here... because if I tell this to you then I MUST finish them: I'm going finish my fan-comic of Lunar Knights (5 pages) and another fan-comic about poor poor Wasp from TFA (2 pages). Though I don't know when I can finish them, I'll do my best :)

:heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:

If I say 'I do that' to someone then I'm surely to do it or at least I try my best to done it. If it will take more time than I said or I realize that I can't do that then I tell the truth. Because I know what is responsibility is and I'm responsible to everything I said and I do. This is my case as a adult person, who spent half of my life in Japan and another half in the US.

However, now I know not all the people in the world know they're responsible to things they said even they're no longer children. I never think about this kind of matter in Japan, probably because I was a child, or most Japanese give serious consideration about responsibility. Maybe you don't believe this, but 'to say something to someone' and 'to promise something to someone' is almost same meaning for Japanese.

After I came to the US, became an adult and living in the society, I wonder there's too many people who is not responsible for their actions! I can find that kind of people from anywhere--store, school district, utility company, or even at hospital. I don't care if it is their personality, but how about if it is their job as a professional?

Some years ago, my house's propane gas tank became empty and we needed refill it immediately. There's no gas-line in my town but propane gas is necessary to stoke the boiler for hot water and heating house (unfortunately it was midwinter). So I called a gas company's emergency line and asked for same day delivery which charges extra money. Then I wait for hours, but they didn't come even after the time they mentioned. Then I called them every one hour after that, but they just said "our staff will be there soon" and finally their office hour was ended and I couldn't reach them. So when do you think they came my house for the delivery? They arrive my house after one month passed from my first call!

Well, this is just one of many of my story, and I think this was a better case that I can tell someone with laugh, and the problem is already solved by my family (we bought a smaller tank that we can carry for refill, and never call any gas-company for the delivery after that lol). It was simply the gas company's failure. Their employee never take over their duties. Did the office staff who took my phone and delivery staff contacted each other?

I think 80% of problems that I got after I came to the US is this kind of problem. Right now I'm having another problem just like that, and how bad, it happened at my hospital. My Doctor sent me to a lab to do blood test for allergy check one month ago, but my hospital never let me know the result. The hospital says they didn't get anything from the lab, and the lab says the examination was cancelled. I asked why, and the hospital staff said she have to ask the doctor but he's busy so I'll call you later. Did she call me today? Yes. She said she'll call me tomorrow. Hm, okay. I hope I don't have to re-examination. They already took my blood once and I hate that (or who likes that?). But it seems they threw away my blood sample before the examination. A solar girl's special solar-powered blood was wasted! Shooot Oh Noes! 

When I got this kind of problem, it always remind me this article. I read the translated version of this on a Japanese news website three years ago, but I still remember it well and very feel sorry. This is one of the worst case of this kind of problem. Isn't it sad?

Why does your delivery truck always got a flat tire? Why does your supervisor is always busy until end of your work shift? Why are you always forget everything about your unfinished work from yesterday? Why are you always lost your note of my contact info? Why are you always ask someone who I never know to complete your job? Why are you always shift your responsibility for someone or something? Why are you never acknowledge IT'S YOUR FAULT?

Why they don't tell the truth? It shouldn't be "I'm too lazy with my work", or maybe you don't like to apologize. Okay, alright. But at least you should to do something for your words that you told someone. That is your responsibility. Even you can forget it ever existed, because you know that no one can prove your remark unless they record it, but the one who heard your words never forget it. And your lie hurts that person who once believes your words.

It's not just staff-to-customer problem. Even friend-to-friend, face-to-face or with online friends like deviants on dA, everyone should to talk and act responsibly. If you make someone wait, tell why you need time and when you can do it for that person. If you said you do something, but then you realize you can't do that, tell it faster as possible and explain why. If someone ask you to do something, but you can't finish it and find another person to do it after you, let the one who asked it first to know and ask for the permission. It's not difficult thing. Just be little more honest, and don't give vague answer or ignore questions. And never ever lie--unless you sure that it's not be told instead of "I'm too lazy".
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  • Reading: TF Classic US&UK comics

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