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:bulletyellow: I joined dA to learn English, but welcome Japanese comments too! I need little more time to read long English sentences.

:bulletyellow: Main Deviations: Fan Art, Cosplay, Craft of...

- Boktai / Solar Boy Django / Lunar Knights
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- Transformers (Mainly G1, TFP, RB, TFA & IDW)

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:dalogo: MinaBrooks: my another account for original artworks.

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Happy New Year everyone!

I couldn't submit this journal before the end of last year, and I had work shift in the first two days of this year, and now finally I have time to write about things from my 2014 and goals of 2015. This is year of the Sheep in the zodiac calender, but I call it 'Electric Sheep' because it sounds cool for me (baaa don't ask my zodiac animal!). Blade Runner, anyone? Not Blades or Windblade. Or J-Decker is better for you? :giggle:

Refund Problem

Thank you very very much for more comments and advices! I sent email several times and called them again and again, and finally I GOT REFUND TODAY. Actually, they should refund into my bank account I used to pay or at least in cash, but they sent the refund as a gift card which I can use only at their store. Well, it's not very nice but maybe better than they stole my money. It was my first shop at XXXstore but how bad it was! And I have to go their store again to use the gift card. Huh!


I'm doing well and getting better after I removed my wisdom teeth last month.  Sometimes it hurts and hard to *crunch* hard foods like chips or cookies, but I don't take painkiller anymore. But after I took off my work one week, I got sick and have a sore throat. I tried cherry flavored NyQuil that tastes better for me and I'm getting better, but I felt the original flavored one effects better.


My life gets really better last year. The most reason is that my father got a job (but he didn't give up about his original engine sell). The good thing is that I can earn and save my money for myself, and I can spend these money for me! Though they're cutting off my work shift, still it's nice to have some money that I can use for fun purpose, not just to live.
I was using a sleeping bag every night last two years after I moved into a new house. I always wanted to build furniture for my room but I never had enough money. However, finally I bought a foam mattress and bed-base last month. I didn't buy a bed flame because I want to make it taller and use the space under the bed as storage. I also want to make my 'work station' includes a desk and bookshelf. I'm still using a chest as my PC desk and it's not very comfortable especially when I draw with my pen-tablet device. To build my furniture is one of my goals of 2015.


I heard many new songs last year, but most of them are kind of old songs. (I don't listen to recently songs often.) I knew several Susumu Hirasawa/P-MODEL's musics. A song called "Enola" is my favorite one. The best music I heard last year is Y.M.O (Ryuichi Sakamoto)'s music "Happy End (1981)" and its orchestra version (2013). If I can listen only one song before I die, I choose the orchestra version of this song without hesitation. I also love the original version so much, but after I repeat and hear it more than hundred times then somehow I HEARD OF PRIMUS, so be careful if you don't want to believe in Primus and wisdom of the Matrix ;P

Transformers & Fan-Art Stuff

My 2014 was extremely happy about TF. Perhaps Primus was smiling on me. Although I mentioned about an 'accident' that my toy Megatron lost a part of his Decepticon emblem in October, 2013 and I was really shocked. But what happend after that? Half a year later, Megatron REALLY TOOK OFF HIS DECEPTICON BADGE in the IDW's ongoing story. Wow. Then I realize that I love Megatron himself more than Decepticons. So I changed my dA icon from Decepticon badge to a miniature matrix. The transformers are SWEET and GREAT.

I went BotCon 2014 in June last year instead of Anime Expo, which I went every year since 2008. After eleven years I moved into the United States, I feel I like the Transformers better than Japanese anime/manga stuff. Of course, I'm still loving Boktai and many anime and manga (so I'm still a solar girl), but I don't watch any new anime so far and I didn't play any video games for last many months. Compared with that, I bought fifteen new IDW's TF comic books last year (and one of them has the writer's autograph with my name!), and I already got two classic TF comic books (are 2011's reprint collection books, and how wonderful that each book has more than 300 pages!) this year. Many Japanese of my age falls in love with the Transformers, but I bet not so many of them read those old TF stories originally published in 1984. Those books will be my new English/drawing textbooks. (I bought those books in used condition and actually one of them is ragged and just looks like a textbook in school library!)

Luckily, I got a Rescue Bots calender unexpectedly last year. January is Heatwave's month and the page is very red. I'm not sure everything about 2015 yet. All that is certain is that BotCon is too far away and I can't go this year. But I was talking with my sister and we want to make Ultra Magnus armor. Yeah, very large one. And my sister wear it while she cosplay as Minimus Ambus with a mustache. How nice! It's a new goal of us.

For my own goal, I want to draw more TF fan-arts. Especially fan-comics. Not two or three panel strip comic just for fun. A whole serious story with many pages. I never submit my fan-fics in my dA gallery because I write in Japanese, but actually I WRITE MORE THAN DRAW. And I always hope to share my story, and I'm looking for the way to tell it to people who don't speak my language. I never know why I came to the US, but after eleven years, finally I feel I know why I'm living in the US. Not exactly, but very close. I want to make this year a rewarding year for my art activity.

:snowflake:  :snowflake:  :snowflake:  :snowflake:  :snowflake:  :snowflake:

Everything's getting fine and okay. May the Sun be with you and have a wonderful year~! sheep la

  • Mood: Joy
  • Reading: TF Classics #1 (when I can read #113?)

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