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Currently working on requests from last year Keyblink by Twistyd

(for my memo...)
  • "Dark" the will of the Galaxy (銀河意志ダーク): Trying to "rejects the human ambition to spread across the universe"
    • Dark Matter (暗黒物質ダークマター): The energy source of the Immortals. The power of hatred.
    • Dark Child(ren) (暗黒仔): chosen by "Dark", imbued with Dark Matter.
      • "Dark Boy" Sabata (暗黒少年サバタ): the bearer of the "Gun Del Hell"
  • The Immortals (イモータル): People who uses power of Dark Matter and follow "the will of the Galaxy". Can not die (except destroyed by the pile-driver) and no offspring.
    • Hel (ヘル), the Queen of the Immortals.
    • Count (血の伯爵): The Vampire Lord. Leader of the race of Immortal vampires.
    • Moon Child(ren) (月光仔): Blood relatives. Used by the immortals and facing extinction.
      • Moon Beauty (月下美人): a Moon Child who has undeadening power of the Moon.
  • "Sol" the Sun's spirit (太陽意志ソル). Loves all life.
    • (Master) Otenko (おてんこさま): Messenger of the Sun. The terrestrial embodiment of Sol.
    • Solar Child(ren) (太陽仔): Blood relatives. The human who has the power of the Sun.
      • "Solar Boy" Django (太陽少年ジャンゴ): the bearer of the solar gun "Gun Del Sol".
  • Gaea the Motherland (母なる大地ガイア)
    • Earthly Maiden (大地の巫女): the caretaker of the Solar Tree.

Time Line

  • "Sol" the Sun's spirit opposed "Dark" the will of the Galaxy.
  • The Immortals try to make life on Earth as Undead, to "rejects the human ambition to spread across the universe."
  • Moon Children used by immortals and facing extinction.
  • Hel and Mani are sister. Hel become the queen of the Immortals.
  • Mani is a Moon Child / become Moon Beauty. She betrays Immortals.
  • Ringo, a Solar Child, is a vampire hunter.
  • Vampire Load Count is Ringo's rival. He pledged loyalty to Hel.
  • Ringo and Mani gets married. Sabata and Django is born.
  • Hel take away Sabata [Mani gave him her scarf], bring him up as a Dark Boy, the bearer of the Gun Del Hell. He didn't become an Immortal because of his blood of Moon Child.
  • Hel tries to gather the four elemental powers from two Immortals (Count-EARTH, Carmilla-CLOUD) and two Guardians (Muspell-FLAME, Garmr-FROST), to push Dark Castle toward the Moon. [Moonlight gives the Immortals their power.]
  • The immortals attack San Miguel.
    • Count and Ringo fights. Ringo is defeated and Count get injured.
    • Earthly Maiden Lita kidnapped by Count [for energy of EARTH]. Mani kidnapped by Sabata after Count was injured.
  • Carmilla become a Immortal by Count. She regards Sabata.
  • While Mani is in captivity, Sabata finds out Mani is his mother, and get know about himself. Mani helps Sabata from effect of Dark Matter.
  • Django inherits Gun Del Sol and his father Ringo's crimson scarf.

  [Boktai Starts]

  • Django come to Istrakan, to avenge his father on count. He meets Otenko.
  • Sabata sends Mani to Dark Castle.
  • Django saves Lita.
  • Django defeats the two Guardians (Muspell, Garmr).
  • Sabata (or Hel) changes plan after Django's appearance. He tries to sacrifice the two Immortals and two Guardians as Django's enemy, to use Django's energy of the Sun that defeated them.
  • To against Hel and save Mani, Sabata asks Carmilla sacrifice her life [and promises his own life].
  • Django defeats Carmilla and Sabata.
  • Otenko tells the Moon Beauty Mani is the mother of Django and Sabata.
  • Hel takes Mani's life/Power of Moon Beauty.
  • Django and Sabata defeats Hel. Mani's spirit is gone.
  • Carmilla's soul is left inside Sabata with Dark Matter. Sabata leaves to find the way to save her.

  [Boktai ends]

Just a quick note of the facts. Point out any mistake is welcome.

I checked the both Japanese and English script from the web to list this, and find out that it looks like English version has less dialogues than original Japanese script. I didn't confirm yet (it's already 4:30am!) but at least Sabata should have more lines after the battle with him.

How can be Hel and Mani sisters? Is Moon Child the Immortal? (At least Hel said so.) But if so, how Mani could have her children while the Immortals no offspring? Is both them born as Moon child? But Hel said she couldn't inherit power of Moon Child.

Mani had time to give her scarf to Sabata. Probably Mani herself let Hel (who can't have a baby) take him, even she knows it's wrong (I call this "lunacy"). Is this could be the reason if Mani allowed Sabata kidnap herself when the Immortal attacked San Miguel?

Is his full name "Count of Groundsoaking Blood" gives you enough reason why he has element of EARTH even without Lita? Both Japanese letter "血(blood)" and "地(ground/earth)" has the same sound "chi". His Japanese name is "Chi no Hakushaku (Count of Blood)". Unfortunately his full name doesn't even indicates his name.

Is the Immortals vampire? Or vampires are just a race of the Immortals? Or vampire is a result by effect of Dark Matter?

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